Micro.blog users on iOS have a number of excellent options when deciding on which app they’d like to install including the official iOS app, Icro by Martin Hartl, and Slate by Chris Hannah. Android users, on the other hand, have few options for Micro.blog apps so we decided to make one.

It’s called Dialog.


Dialog makes available a number of features you’ll be familiar with from using the Micro.blog service including being able to view your timeline, your mentions, and the Discover page. Currently, the ability to create new posts has not been implemented but will be added in a future update.

On the Timeline, you’ll find your usual list of posts by users you’re currently following. Posts can be replied to or favourited, and you can see the full conversation and context for a post by clicking on the conversation icon. If you’d like to view your favourited posts, they’re available from the menu on the left.

To learn more about a user, simply clicking on a username or avatar via the Timeline, Mentions, or Discover pages will let you view their profile. From there, you can view their posts, the list of users they’re following, and even follow them yourself by hitting the icon in the top right corner of the page.

On the Mentions tab, you’ll find any posts that have referenced you by username. You can quickly reply to these posts with the reply icon under the post itself. This can also be done on the timeline or Discover pages as well.

Within the Discover page, you’ll find options to toggle several of the filters available on the web version of the site such as books, music, and podcasts.

Lastly, if you’d prefer to use a dark theme while viewing the app, you can do so by visiting the settings page and toggling the theme from Day to Night or even having it switch automatically based on your location.

We’re really excited to be able to release this beta version of the app for users of Micro.blog and be able to expand the reach of the wonderful community that’s been established there. We have a handful of updates already planned and always welcome any feedback you might have.